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Ages 8+

3rd-8th Grade and HS-Adult


Visual art can become a valuable tool for deeper self-expression and exploration, in addition to all  of the creative and intellectual benefits gained at younger ages. Classes at Chillicothe Fine Arts provide structure, social involvement, and current opportunities for new challenges in the form of different mediums and techniques.

Includes Tuition & All Supplies
September - May '22-'23

ART LESSONS...$100 Monthly


Private Art Lessons for the enjoyment and further study. Get help with your personal art portfolio in preparation for collegiate study or career development. Receive instruction in a personal preferred area or genre.

30 Minute Weekly Lessons

Includes Tuition Only
Personal Supplies Extra

MUSIC LESSONS...$100 Monthly


Private Music Lessons for enjoyment and further study. Choose your own pace and get help designing goals to get you playing what you want to play.

Learning a musical instrument teaches more than an appreciation for arts, it helps develop and strengthen mental proficiencies in math and language as well. Studies show that for teens, in particular, this translates to improved academic achievement, better communication and cooperation skills, and higher graduation rates. At any age, spiritual, mental and physical benefits continue to be a topic of interest in science and research. 


30 Minute Weekly Lessons

Includes Tuition Only
Personal Instrument, Books & Supplies Extra

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