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THE PRESCHOOL YEARS are meant for curious play!

These are the years children learn how to learn. 

Their social competency strongly determines success and their affirmations encourage a continued love of learning throughout life.

Kindermusik Classes
Kindermusik enrollment always includes digital materials!

Level 3: Laugh & Learn* 

Age 3

Level 4 (PreK) Move & Groove

Age 4 to 6

Family Time*
Newborn- Age 7

Art Classes

All Levels Art & Play*
Newborn through Age 3

First Fridays Only! 

Level 4 (PreK) Mini Monet's

Age 4 to 6


Other Classes Clubs & Camps

Kindermusik Adventures Camp...$300

Age 3 1/2 to 5 (or 6) years

June-July 2022     

6 weeks, 1 1/2 hour classes include art and Kindermusik.

Digital home materials, field trip and more included!             

Natural Adventures 



Extended Adventures 


Murals 4 More 


*Parent attends and participates with child.

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